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Aarhus Cathedral
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Aarhus Cathedral

Domkirkepladsen 2
8000 Århus C
Phone 8620 5400

Opening Hours
01.05 - 30.09 Mon-Sat
(opens at 10 am on Tue)
09.30 - 16.00
01.10 - 30.04 Mon-Sat 10.00 - 15.00
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Aarhus Cathedral is Denmark’s longest and tallest church measuring 93 m in both directions with an inside capacity of seating 1200 people. The cathedral was founded by Bishop Peder Vognsen and is one of the oldest brick buildings in Jutland. It is dedicated to the sailors’ saint, Sct. Clemens.

The construction of the cathedral began around year 1200 and was finished around year 1300. However, in 1330 the cathedral burnt down and the reconstruction only begun in late 1300s, when the gothic style became popular. The Cathedral as we know it today was finished about 1500.

Until the Reformation, most of the walls were covered with frescos. Many of these have been lost; however, Aarhus Cathedral still has the largest amount of frescos of all the churches in the country. One of the frescos depicts Kristoforus and Sct Clemens; it measures 220 m2 and is the largest fresco in the country. 

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