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Aarslev Lake
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Aarslev Lake (Årslev Engsø)

Situated west of Brabrand Lake, south of the village of Aarslev and east of the village of Skibby.
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Aarslev Lake (or meadow) is an artificial lake created in 2003 from the water of Aarhus River and Lyngbygaard’s River. The lake is approximately 100 ha. and surrounded by reedbeds and wet meadows. The lake is no more than 1.5 m deep in average and 2 m at its deepest. As the reesbeds are expanding, the lake’s open surface is expected to shrink to approximately 70 ha. 

Around the lake a path has been created with access to two bird observation towers on each side of the lake. There is a rich birdlife by the lake and the area has (together with Brabrand Lake) become a designated EU Habitat area, meaning that it is a protected area.

Aarslev Lake was originally an artificially drained area of 210 ha. The area has been used for farming for more than 100 years and parts of it were drained already in the nineteen thirties. But as the ground subsided and sunk below the natural ground water level, the area became more and more wet and the possibility of carrying out intensive farming decreased substantially.

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