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Aarhus Concert Hall (Musikhuset)

Thomas Jensens Allé
8000 Århus C

Phone 8940 9000

Ticket Sale
Phone: 89 40 40 40, every day from 10.00 - 21.00
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Aarhus Concert Hall (Musikhuset) was inaugurated in 1982 and was extended in 2007. It is visited by half a million people every year and presents more than 1,000 events annually.
The Hall is designed by the architects Kjær and Richter and measures 15,000 m². It consists of altogether 300 rooms with the halls and foyer in the centre of the building.

The grand hall (Store Sal) seats 1,588 people and the children’s theatre hall (Børneteatersalen) seats 150 people.

Aarhus Concert Hall is the home of Aarhus’ Symphonic Orchestra, the Jutlandic Opera, Diem as well as ‘Filuren’, which is the children’s theatre.

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