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The Memorial Park (Mindeparken)
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The Memorial Park (Mindeparken)

Situated in the southern part of Aarhus in between Kongevejen, Carl Nielsens Vej, Oddervejen and Strandvejen. 
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The Memorial Park is a recreational area for everybody, young and old. It is the place where the Aarhusians go with family and friends equipped with picnic-basket and toys.

The park was inaugurated on 25 July 1925 by King Christian X. Originally, the park was supposed to be a gathering point for Danes living abroad when they were visiting their home country. However, it never really became a success partly because the Rebild-parties at Rold Forest became so popular.
Inside the park there is also a monument in remembrance of the fallen Danish soldiers of World War 1. The monument was made by the sculptor Axel Poulsen and the architect Axel Ekberg. The Monument is a circular yard surrounded by a limestone wall with the engraved names of 4140 fallen soldiers.

Inside the park you will find, apart from the monument and a large green lawn, the Rømer Garden, which is a beautifully designed garden, the Donbæh Houses, built in the middle of the 1800 hundreds as servant quarters for the Marselisborg Manor, and behind those you will find an area with large oak and birch trees.

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