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The Women's Museum(Kvindemuseet) 

Domkirkepladsen 5
8000 Århus C
Phone 8618 6470

Opening Hours
01.06-31.08 All week 10-17
01.09-31.05 Tue-Sun 10-16
Wednesdays all year round from 10-20
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The Women’s Museum is one of the few museums in the world, who focus on the cultural history of women in their exhibitions, collections and research.

The Women’s Museum has acquired four stars in the national quality rating with the comment of being of very high standards on the national level.
In the museum’s permanent exhibition you will gain an insight into the history of women from prehistoric times until today and in addition, the museum presents a number of theme based special exhibitions of art- and cultural history. 

The museum cooperates with a number of national and international research institutions, museums and other actors from the art- and cultural sectors.

The Childhood Museum of is a part of the Women’s Museum. Experience the stories of both boys and girls. Go treasure-hunting for items in the exhibition and discover the stories which the dress, the goose and the rollerskates hold – about Irma, Carl, Ejnar, Lotte and many others. Listen to the stories the children never told their mums and dads, and discover an old-fashioned loo in the backcourt among other things.

The Museum of Childhood is about children and for children of all ages accompanied by adults.

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